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As the Head of Cybersecurity and IT at Stenn Technologies, I’m at the helm of safeguarding our organization’s digital landscape while also spearheading our IT support endeavors. Simultaneously, I serve as the Cybersecurity Lead Instructor at BrainStation, sharing my extensive expertise with the next generation of industry leaders.
Prior to my current role at Stenn, I served as the Application Security Manager at Meta (Formerly Facebook), where I led the EMEA Central AppSec team. In this capacity, I was entrusted with ensuring the security of a diverse portfolio of products including Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Oculus and many more.
In addition to my roles at Stenn and BrainStation, I proudly co-founded Pet With It, Brandripplr, and insydo, leveraging technology to make a meaningful impact.

With over a decade of experience, my forte lies in both software development and cybersecurity. I’ve been instrumental in crafting software solutions and empowering businesses with secure technology, consistently driving them towards success.

Beyond the code, I’ve had the privilege of participating in panel discussions at major conferences and even moderating a few. Additionally, I’ve been honored to share insights as an entrepreneur and tech expert on television, and have collaborated with global giants like Volkswagen and GoDaddy.

Through my journey, I’ve come to understand that success encompasses a multitude of skills – from technical prowess and personal branding to public speaking, storytelling, goal-setting, and much more. It’s this holistic approach that has been key to my achievements.

My enthusiasm for technology, entrepreneurship, cybersecurity, and self-development knows no bounds. I’m dedicated to not only advancing my own knowledge but also to helping others navigate the dynamic world of technology and business. Join me in this journey of discovery and growth!

Sami Eltamawy

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