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My name is Sami Eltamawy. I am a technologist, cybersecurity specialist, Co-Founder of Pet With It, Brandripplr, insydo, ex-Dubizzle, and angel investor.
I was invited to speak in different panel discussions in some of the biggest conferences and even moderated ones. I was also invited to speak as an entrepreneur and tech expert on the TV and by some of the biggest global brands such as Volkswagen and GoDaddy.
During my journey, I learned that success is not just one thing you need to learn or even about working hard. Success is a combination of soft skills, technical skills, personal branding, public speaking skills, storytelling, goal setting, productivity, self-discipline, personal finance, understanding the fundamentals of building businesses, and much more.
I am very passionate about technology, entrepreneurship, cybersecurity, self-development, helping others, and sharing everything I learn or experience.
Sami Eltamawy
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Tech Entrepreneurship Simplified is an educational show that aims to help entrepreneurs and founders who are building or trying to build a tech product with the necessary knowledge and tools to empower and guide them during their journey. With my technical and entrepreneurial experience, I can help you make more confident tech decisions.


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