Who am I?

I am a tech team lead at Dubizzle and co-founder at insydo and Brandripplr.

Dubizzle is an OLX company. OLX is the world’s leading classifieds brand. The OLX network of companies operates in more than 50 growth markets in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and Europe. Worldwide OLX gets more than 240 million unique users and generates more than 17 billion page views, per month.

insydo is a Dubai-based ‘City Guide’ that provides users with curated recommendations and has already gained over 500,000 unique visitors per month since its launch in January 2016.

Brandripplr is an e-commerce platform that connects micro-influencers from all different categories with brands to set up social campaigns through the platform.

I strive to build and foster an environment of creativity, problem-solving, and fun for a multicultural team of engineers who continually push toward excellence in their work.

I love my job, and I am excited to go to work each day to take on new challenges and solve problems with the help of my team. It’s my privilege to work with the awesome individuals at Dubizzle.

What do I love?


Writing code is like building a construction; you keep writing your code blocks, add already build components, integrate and test to deliver a safe/stable end product to be used.


Software bugs are what makes my day challenging; without them, I would never have improved my problem-solving skills.


Such an amazing OS adopted by Google with brilliant user experience. I've been developing native android application since 2012.


The most helpful community-based platform in the software industry. I've been actively contributing to it since 2012.

Fun work environment

When I have fun with my team members at work, everything else is bearable for me and I enjoy my job more and more.


They say that every book you read, adds up to your experience 5 years at least. I read in software engineering, management, self development, and biographies.


I surround myself with motivational quotes to keep my level of passion always up to the peak.


In a field as stressful as Software is, it is very important to practice sports to reduce your stress level and keep your physical and mental health high.


I love motorcycles because 4 wheels move your body but 2 wheels move your soul.


I share the moments that I am proud of in my life to inspire, motivate other people, and promote the balanced life concept. #WorkHardPlayHard

Music Mixing

I love mixing because it engages the right brain and the left. It involves science, design, energy, and accuracy. This is where I keep my base up, myself happy, my mind hyper, and switch off.

What I write about?

What do I post on Instagram about?