#MeetTheMentors – How To Sell Yourself By Volkswagen

#MeetTheMentors – How To Sell Yourself By Volkswagen

In 2018, I was honored to be part of Meet The Mentors campaign by Volkswagen at the Step conference in Dubai. Volkswagen’s team decided to penetrate the entrepreneur community during this event in a way that entrepreneurs could relate to. The campaign idea was smart and simple. Basically, the Volkswagen team arranges a 45-min session in which mentors and mentees catch up to exchange ideas regarding their businesses and startups while driving Volkswagen’s car.


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I was pleased that day to have an interesting conversation with Mouin Gedeon, Marketing Director at Soul Artists, and discuss some of the obstacles they faced while starting their product from a business and technical perspective.


I also shared with him my experience at insydo regarding investing too much in native apps, which we did from the very beginning. However, the ROI of the apps for our users and revenue were not worth that investment. We learned that starting with a website, where all the users can access regardless of their mobile phone operating system, could have been a much safer way to start with until we were able to understand the nature of our users.


I have also recommended that he should start exploring cross platforms technologies such as PhoneGap that allow you to build your product using web technologies and export it for any operating system while keeping in mind that the user experience might not be as high as in native apps.

Read more about building native apps vs a website in my previous article, Planet Of The Apps.


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