CTO as a service | Sami Eltamawy

CTO as a Service (Technical Consultancy)

With my technical/entrepreneurial experience and strong network, I can help you start a technology-based product, evaluate new technologies, secure product and business from cyber threats, mentor/up-skill technology leaders, optimize development operations/processes, hire top talents and develop an internal career path to retain the top talents.

Technical and product decisions can be very costly if they are not based on experience and thorough research. By collaborating with/relying on me, you can take confident decisions that serve you in the near and far future.

One on one mentoring & coaching

One-on-One Mentorship

Accelerate your personal and professional growth by starting one to one personal mentorship program designed specifically for you based on your needs and goals.

Either you are looking to start a side hustle, become an entrepreneur, improve your managerial skills, improve your performance/productivity, excel in your current job, identify your passion, or build a strong personal brand, I can definitely help you and provide you the support, guidance, advice and accountability you need to achieve your goals and become the best version of yourself.

Online courses | Sami Eltamawy

Online Courses

Join my English and Arabic online courses and get access to well designed courses based on more than 250 books and years of experience at your convenience.