CTO as a Service

CTO as a Service is a new kind of technical consultancy that is focused mainly on providing all the CTO, Chief Technology Officer,  job responsibilities as services for the short term to empower entrepreneurs and small businesses from the technical point of view.

CTO as a Service can help you with the following

Decision Making

Empower your decision with technical experience, research and data, so you can take informative actions that get you closer to your goals.

Interim CTO

Support you temporarily and act as a CTO for your business to fill the technical gap until you hire a new CTO.

Hire & Interview

Define your job description, craft an assessment test, interview your new CTO or engineer and help on boarding them efficiently.

Preparation & Training

Train you on the best practices for efficiently managing a CTO and prepare you with the knowledge and tools needed.

Technical Mentorship

Provide technical, managerial, and operational mentorship your new engineers to up skill them.

Agility & Operations

Help you become agile and identify any bottle necks in your operations and processes to ship and experiment fast.


Integrate security in your development lifecycle to secure your data and application. Help raising your team’s awareness against security risks.

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When you should consider CTO as a Service?

Below are some of the cases where entrepreneurs and businesses should seek CTO as a Service support.

  1. Have an idea for a product (app or website) but don’t know where to start or how to turn it into reality in the cheapest and fastest way possible.
  2. Deciding either to hire an in-house team of developers or outsource your product to a software agency.
  3. Planning to outsource a software agency to develop your product and need assistance communicating and documenting the requirement to them such as features, performance, security, running cost, quality assurance … etc.
  4. Outsourcing your product development to an agency and need expert help to validate their cost, estimation, and the quality of their work.
  5. Taking over your completed project from the software agency you hired and need help with the process end to end.
  6. Hiring a full-time CTO but don’t have the skills needed to be able to define your job description, interview the candidates, and validate their technical, managerial, and operational skills.
  7. Being cost-efficient or not in a need to have a full-time CTO yet, but still, need an experienced CTO to support you from time to time.
  8. Require unbiased independent advice when taking important tech-related decisions.
  9. Planning to promote one of your engineers as CTO but need an experienced CTO to mentor him/her and provide them the support needed to be able to operate independently very quickly.
  10. Need to audit your tech team processes to identify the route cause of poor quality delivery, or low-frequency releases.
  11. Trying to incorporate security in your product development lifecycle and looking for quick and sustainable ways to do it.

How Does It Work?

Very simple...

About Me

My name is Sami Eltamawy.

I am a Chief Technology Officer at tribetactics, Technology Consultant, Co-Founder of insydo and Brandripplr, an angel investor, and partner in multiple businesses in the UAE.

As a CTO at tribetactics, I am responsible for leading the development it’s technical product, chopcast, that enables content creators and businesses to repurpose their content and redistribute it across all the social media channels with minimal efforts. Chopcast is an intelligent cloud based content repurposing tool that utilizes the power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing to provide a seamless user experience for our users.

As a Technology Consultant, I utilize my technical/entrepreneurial experience and network to provide CTO as a service for businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking for help to start a technology-based product, evaluating new technologies, securing product and business from cyber threats, mentoring technology leaders, optimizing development operations/processes, hiring top talents and developing an internal career path to retain the top talents.

As a Co-Founder and former CTO at insydo, I helped the team become the top Dubai-based digital ‘City Guide’ that provides users with curated recommendations and has already gained over 500,000 unique visitors per month since its launch in January 2016.

As a Co-Founder and former CTO at brand ripplr, I led the development of the platform from the ideation stage till the stage where brand ripplr became one of the most recognized influencers market place platform that connects micro-influencers from all different categories with brands to set up social campaigns through the platform in the UAE.

My hybrid experience and passion towards technology, cyber security, business and entrepreneurship are my main drivers to perform everyday with excitement and to take up on new challenges.

Sami Eltamawy



Sami is one of the most driven and tech savvy people I had the pleasure to know and work with. His passion for entrepreneurship, his leadership style and his unique content makes from him a priceless asset to any organisation!

Mohamed Amine Belarbi

Entrepreneur – CEO & Co-Founder of Vul9 Security Solutions | CTO & Co-Founder of HalaHi.

Mohammed Mamdouh

Brand Director at OSN, Lecturer and Filmmaker.

Sami is a true leader in every sense of the word, he is motivated beyond belief and takes this motivation and turns this into actions that don’t just inspire his team but creates programs and systems to ensure their continued progress and development takes place and basically adds a lot of value to both his team and the wider organization. Sami is also an innovator, not afraid to evolve frameworks and processes if they aren’t working but also a seriously reliable team player. I can’t recommend him enough, I hope we work together again.

Sami is one of the most inspirational and influencial leaders who I’ve ever worked with. He has an immense passion for people development, which allowed him to grow individuals and build strong engineering teams at dubizzle. Result orientation and perseverance had enabled Sami to achieve significant business and user value. Finally, Sami has grown outside of his primary domain – technology & engineering, and turned into a well-versed product expert and an entrepreneur.

Tadas Jurelevičius

Associate Director of Product at Talabat | Delivery Hero MENA

Does this sounds like something you need?

Let’s schedule a 30-minute free call to discuss your current situation and explore how can CTO as a Service help you out.


How is a CTO different from a Senior Engineer?

The CTO is a pure managerial strategic business-oriented role while a Senior Engineer is a pure execution tech-oriented role. A good CTO must be strong in the following skillset:

  • Strong Leader: CTO should be a skilled experienced leader to motivate the product and tech team, fill confidence and inspire them to achieve big business goals
  • Skilled Communicator: CTO should be able to communicate the business ideas, company mission, vision, and goals to the team members as well as non-technical stakeholders in a clear and simple way
  • Decision-maker: CTO should be able to make important decisions regarding technology selection, resource allocation, outsourcing services, and changing the third-party vendors
  • Strategic Thinker: CTO should have the ability to forecast the future needs of the company in terms of short, medium, and long term goals given the company and market situations and plan accordingly
  • Mentor: CTO is responsible for mentoring the team and continuously work on improving their skills to match the role’s new demands.
  • Continuous Learner: CTO should be up-to-date with the new technologies & trends and continuously evaluate them against the company needs


Are you a software agency?

No, I’m not a software agency and this is what makes CTO as a Service trusted.

Software agencies (software house) is an entity who hires software developers who can build your product. Their advice is sometimes bias since they are trying to sell you their services. Here, in CTO as a Service, my role is to guide you and empower you with the experience, and knowledge you need to make the right decisions and build the right thing.

Can you connect me with experts in the IT industry such as PM, Designer, Ethical hackers, architect...etc?

Yes, I can.

Part of the CTO responsibilities is to lead the product and tech side of business. I have a wide network of experts that I have developed over years in the industry and I can guide and sometimes connect you to experts who can guide and help you based on your need.

If your case require an expert product manager, UX/UI designer, cloud architect, security penetration tester, backend architect, frontend architect, mobile architect or QA, I can help you out and connect you with them and vet their skillset for you.

Does this sounds like something you need?
Why don't we schedule a 30-minute free call to discuss your current situation and explore how can CTO as a Service help you out?
Does this sounds like something you need?
Why don't we schedule a 30-minute free call to discuss your current situation and explore how can CTO as a Service help you out?