When You Should Consider Quitting Your Job

When You Should Consider Quitting Your Job

1. Not Appreciated

Appreciation is one of the most important motives for anyone to work harder, smarter and produce good quality. Also, appreciation and recognition is a kind of healthy addiction that drive people towards improving themselves and become better to get more of this appreciation and recognition. Vice versa, when you are not being appreciated and your efforts and delivery are not being recognized results in an overall feeling of demotivation for working harder, learning something new and being innovative in your work.

You will find yourself saying “What is the point of working more, harder, producing great quality if anyway no one will appreciate or recognize it?”. If you reached this state, then you need to make a stand with yourself because eventually this lack of motivation will affect your skillsets and overall growth and you will become lazy eventually.

Yes, appreciation or recognition can be in the form of “Thank you!”, “Good job!”, pay raise or bonus. But, it can also be by being trusted more than others, being relied on more than others, or being given the hardest and the most complicated job.

2. Not Valued

There is nothing worse than feeling that your team, manager, or company don’t value you or care about losing you. If you are 100% sure that you are doing your best and living up to their expectations and doing a bit more but still not being valued, then you need to make a stand as well for your self-respect.

One of the most important factors of any human being happiness is the self-esteem that comes from the feeling of being valued by those who you decide to surround yourself with. So, do yourself a favor and don’t sacrifice this element.

3. Not Motivated To Go To Work

Ideally, you should wake up every day with an element of excitement and motivation assuming that you have chosen a career that you are passionate about. You can be excited about overcoming a new challenge you are facing at work, work on a new project, deliver something that you are proud of, or learn something new.

But if you wake up every day, literally every day, demotivated and would rather be sick to stay home than going to work, then you should make a stand as well for your own happiness and passion.

4. Not Challenged

Challenges are what make you grow and routine is what makes diminish. How on earth, you will gain more experience and learn something new if you are doing every day the same thing you did the day before. The era of getting promoted because of the number of years you spent doing the same thing is gone. Now, it is all about how can you every day become faster, more efficient and produce better quality with less cost.

You need to ensure that your job always challenges you and have a constant healthy feeling that you are underperforming so you can keep pushing yourself and grow. It might sound more tiring, but it is definitely more beneficial for your future.

5. Scared To Make Mistakes

Nobody likes to make mistakes. It is completely normal to do your best to avoid making mistakes for million reasons that will need a whole book to list down, but what is not normal is to be extremely scared and terrified from making mistakes or from the consequences of them. This simply will damage you on different levels.

You will not be as creative as you should be because creativity in solutions requires an element of risk which means a probability for failure. It will also kill your leadership skills and ability to make decisions which are definitely not good for your career growth.

You must be in an environment that empowers you. If you made a mistake you should be asked “What did you learn from it?” or “What can you do differently next time?” instead of firing you or cutting a day from your salary. To be fair, you must also from your side study your moves well and not make the same mistake twice.

6. Unfairness Between The Team

When there is no fairness between the team, some strong employees are getting fired while some weak employees are getting promoted, some employees are getting better treatment than others without a clear reason, then first you must speak up and ask someone who is in a position to answer your questions because there might be actual reasons for all of these but were not communicated with you. However, if after speaking up you still think that the whole thing lacks fairness, then you should question why you still there in that place.

Unfairness is the root of a lot of evil behavior and the unhealthy environment. The team will start to get jealous of each other, hate each other and stab each other in the back. You don’t want to work in such an environment like this for sure, do you?

7. No Clear Objective Judgmental Criteria For Performance Evaluation

Having a clear objective judgmental criteria for performance evaluation does not only contribute to creating a healthy and fair work environment, but also help you personally knowing where you stand right now. You should be able at any given moment to tell how good/bad your overall performance is. You should be able to tell if you are on track for the next promotion or you are about to get your first warning latter soon.

It will also help you understand what is needed from you to get to the next promotion and enable you to work on your weakness and strengthen them.

However, if the criteria are missing, then you will be lost and often get surprised.

8. Decision Are Not Based On Studies And Analysis

Companies that don’t rely to studies, data, and analysis when it comes to making any decision will often make mistakes. Mistakes in the professional world mean wasted money and time. The more your company waste time, the higher the chance for your competitor or out-succeed you in the market. The more your company waste money, the more your job will be in the risk of cutting cost or even shutting down.

It is completely normal that your company make mistakes from time to time, but what is not normal is to repeat the same pattern of mistakes without learning from it or not to take all the cautions before making any decision.

The Conclusion

You are responsible for your own happiness, growth, career progression, and job safety. So be smart, alert and observant to what’s going on around you. Don’t get lost in the day to day problems and forget about the big picture.